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What is DMIT ?

Dermatoglyphics (from ancient Greek derma=skin, glyph=carving) is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands. Dermatoglyphics refers to the formation of naturally occurring ridges on certain body parts, namely palms, fingers, soles and toes. These are areas where hair usually does not grow and these ridges allow for increased leverage when picking up objects or walking barefoot. The finger prints of both hands are not the same. They do not change size or shape throughout a person's life, except in cases of serious injuries that scar the dermis.

What is DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test): 

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

DMIT is AN abbreviation of Dermatoglyphics Multiple test. Dermatoglyphics is that the scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes and soles. These patterns square measure fashioned throughout the vertebrate development stage, thirteen to nineteen weeks. Through analysis, it's been proven that ridged skin pattern formations square measure controlled by chromosomes, and square measure influenced by polygenetic inheritance.

Anatomically the human hands dominate all different organs in terms of relative importance. this can be why the brain dedicates the bulk of roughly 2 hundred million nerve endings to the hands. In different words, the hands square measure sources of physiological and psychological info of any person. As per the scientific researches it's a incontrovertible fact that there are not any 2 identical fingerprints. These fingerprint patterns stay identical throughout the time period and even once till the entire decomposition of body takes place.

Centuries of study and analysis works has enabled development of Dermatoglyphics science. This science in coordination to the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner has developed AN correct means that to produce latent info of any person with the assistance of fingerprint study and analysis. This technique of research is understood as Dermatoglyphics Multiple test (DMIT).

 Concept of Multiple Intelligence theory
What has become a robust force within the world of education all of them started in 1983, once university prof Howard Gardner began his book Frames of Mind: the speculation of Multiple Intelligence with some easy however powerful questions: are gifted chess players, violinists, and athletes "intelligent" in their several disciplines? Why are these and different skills not accounted for on ancient intelligence quotient tests? Why is that the term intelligence restricted to such a slim vary of human endeavors?

From these queries emerged multiple-intelligences theory. expressed merely, it challenges psychology's definition of intelligence as a general ability that may be measured by one intelligence quotient score. Instead, MI theory describes eight intelligences (see below) that folks use to resolve issues and make merchandise relevant to the societies within which they live.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

MI theory asserts that people World Health Organization have a high level of ability in one intelligence don't essentially have the same ability in another intelligence. as an example, a spring chicken World Health Organization demonstrates a formidable level of musical intelligence is also so much less accomplished once it involves bodily-kinesthetic or logical-mathematical intelligence. maybe that appears obvious, however it is vital to acknowledge that this notion stands in sharp distinction to the standard (and still dominant) read of intelligence as a general ability that may be measured on one scale and summarized by one range.


  • The research of Dermatoglyphics is usually more than 200 years. old.
  • Dermatoglyphics was mainly used to search skilled sportsmen for Olympics Game in 1970.
  • Dermatoglyphics was invented by Dr.Harold Cummins.
  • Dr.Harold Cummins is certainly known as Father of Dermatoglyphics.
  • He read almost all aspects of fingerprints analysis throughout field.
  • Dermatoglyphics was used for Finding Genetic disease with the help of fingerprint patterns
  • Dermatoglyphics Originated from Down Syndromes Theory.