Brain Shaper
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About Us

Brain Shaper work in the area of educating children’s where they can able to bring most out of their personality. It helps an individual to identify his inborn talents and able to maximize his brain power.

We believe that each individual posse some unique skill set which nobody else have in this world. If he can utilize it then he can attain great success in his carrier in terms of monitory as well as satisfaction level.

We focus in improving Brain Power, Memory (Long term & Short Term), focus, concentration, Emotional stability and help to make a individual a more happier person.

We truly believe that we cannot force children’s for study, dance, Sports or any other hobby. These things should come from inside.

Our Workshop

Brain Shaper works on positivity, it encourages a person with great confidence, motivate and trigger a spark of doing something great in life.

Midbrain Activation

Our workshop based on Midbrain Activation Exercises, Eye exercises, games, dance, Music, Stories, Songs.

We keep checking progress in the area of Focus, Concentration Improvement, Emotional Stability and memory Enhancement.

All students feel very delighted once they attend our workshop. They want to come again in class and always feel motivated.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

We conduct DMIT Test which is a finger Print scanning test. This tells about brain structure of a person, his strengths and weakness. To know more about it please visit DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test ) test section.