What is DMIT

Dermatoglyphics is the science that studies and researches fingerprints, lines formed in hands, curves of fingers, and hand shape.

The formation of each fingerprint pattern has a reason, which depends on many factors. This science is constantly working to understand and categorise fingerprint pattern. It also tries to map specific patterns to human behaviour, specific habits, brain formation, and specific skills.

After centuries of research and categorization of fingerprint pattern, a software algorithm has been created. This algorithm can estimate and explain a unique attribute character of a person based on the fingerprint pattern.

It is not easy to enter a fingerprint pattern  directly into the software to solve this problem. Each fingerprint pattern is given a name and codes. Image processing is not sufficient to categorise these. Therefore, this is done manually by a trained person who has undergone detailed training and is able to identify correct patterns.

After entering these codes into the software, it performs some calculations and generates a unique report of a person. This software algorithm is constantly being refined by Brain Shaper  that conducts a lot of research and takes feedback from DMIT counsellors.

Therefore, it is very important to consider the overall experience of the staff members’ knowledge and the back-end team skills before finalising a DMIT software company.