Types of Different DMIT Reports

DMIT Reports come in various types, each tailored to serve specific target segments and audiences. The content and depth of these reports are carefully designed to meet the unique requirements and preferences of the intended users. Here, we delve deeper into the different types of DMIT Reports:

  1. Basic DMIT Report (9 Pages): This concise report is designed to provide essential insights into an individual’s innate traits and capabilities. It offers a fundamental understanding of one’s multiple intelligences, learning style preferences, and basic personality traits. The Basic DMIT Report serves as a quick overview, ideal for individuals seeking fundamental self-awareness.
  2. Silver DMIT Report (17 Pages): The Silver DMIT Report offers a more comprehensive exploration of an individual’s attributes. It delves deeper into areas such as multiple intelligences, learning styles (VAK theory), and personality traits (DISC profile). Additionally, it may provide insights into relationship compatibility and suggest suitable hobbies and activities.
  3. Advanced DMIT Report (25 Pages): This report takes a more in-depth approach to self-discovery. It encompasses a thorough analysis of multiple intelligences, learning styles, and personality traits. In addition to the content found in the Silver DMIT Report, the Advanced DMIT Report may offer guidance on left and right brain dominance, vocational interests (Holland theory), subject selection, and potential career options.
  4. Platinum DMIT Report (46 Pages): The Platinum DMIT Report is the most extensive and detailed option. It provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and potential. In addition to all the elements found in the previous reports, it may include a deeper exploration of brain lobes and their influence on behaviour and cognition. This report offers a holistic understanding of oneself and is ideal for those seeking a profound self-analysis.

The choice of which DMIT Report to opt for depends on the specific needs and goals of the individual or organisation. Each report type offers a different level of insight and detail, allowing users to select the one that aligns best with their objectives.

To gain a deeper understanding of how these reports can be applied and to determine which one suits your requirements, it is recommended to reach out to our sales team. They can provide further information, guidance, and assistance in selecting the most suitable DMIT Report for your unique needs and purposes.

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What inside DMIT Report

Although it depends on the type of DMIT reports, output of different DMIT Reports have made by thinking of different types of target audiences.

Following are the common topics which are covered in DMIT Reports

  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • VAK Theory
  • DISC Profile
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Hobbies & Extra Curricular Activities
  • Left & Right Brain Dominance
  • Holland Theory
  • Subject Selection
  • Career options
  • Brain Lobes & Many more
Types of DMIT Report

There are several types of DMIT Reports each focusing a different target Segment and audience. The component of DMIT Report is designed by Understanding requirement of the target audience.

Following are the few types of Reports,

  1. Basic DMIT Report – 9 Page
  2. Silver DMIT Report – 17 Page
  3. Advance DMIT Report – 25 Page
  4. Platinum DMIT Report – 46 Page

to know more about the application of these reports contact to our sales team