The development of DMIT was grounded in the following fundamental principles:
  1. Unique Human Capabilities: DMIT is founded on the belief that every individual on this planet possesses distinct and exceptional thinking abilities.
  2. Unique Fingerprint Patterns: It acknowledges that each person in the world bears a one-of-a-kind set of fingerprint patterns.

The process of developing DMIT commenced with a comprehensive study involving 15,000 individuals over a span of five years, roughly between 1995 and 2000. During this extensive research endeavour, both fingerprint data and psychometric assessments were simultaneously collected. These psychometric assessments involved a variety of tests measuring different cognitive abilities.

Subsequently, the gathered fingerprint patterns and the psychometric assessments of the participants underwent a meticulous process of mapping, classification, and in-depth analysis. This comprehensive analysis culminated in the creation of a sophisticated computer algorithm. This algorithm has the remarkable capability to forecast human behavioural outcomes, aligning with the established psychological theories. The DMIT system then utilises this algorithm to provide valuable insights into an individual’s behaviour and abilities.