Unlock the power of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Testing with our diverse range of DMIT packages tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives. At BrainShaper, we believe in providing you with comprehensive insights into your innate abilities, strengths, and areas for growth. Choose from our array of DMIT packages to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

  1. Basic DMIT Package: Gain insights into your dominant intelligences and personality traits.
  2. Advanced DMIT Package: Delve deeper into your potential career paths, learning styles, and receive recommendations for personal development.
  3. Child DMIT Package: Understand your child’s innate abilities, learning preferences, and potential areas of talent. Nurture their strengths effectively.
  4. Parent-Child DMIT Package: Explore the dynamics between parents and children, identifying compatibility and potential conflicts.
  5. Corporate DMIT Package: Enhance workplace productivity and collaboration by understanding team dynamics, leadership styles, and communication preferences.
  6. Career Guidance DMIT Package: Find your true calling with in-depth analysis and recommendations related to suitable professions, industries, and courses of study.
  7. Relationship DMIT Package: Improve communication and reduce conflicts in relationships by gaining insights into compatibility and understanding.
  8. Customized DMIT Package: Tailor a package to meet your specific needs, combining features from different packages for a personalized experience.
  9. Educational DMIT Package: Educators and schools can identify the best teaching methods and strategies for individual students, allowing for a more personalized approach to education.
  10. Parenting DMIT Package: Enhance your parenting strategies by gaining a deeper understanding of your child’s unique abilities and needs.

Each package is designed to provide you with valuable insights, whether you’re seeking personal growth, career guidance, improved relationships, or educational enhancements. Begin your journey of self-discovery today with BrainShaper’s DMIT packages.

Please note that package details and offerings may be subject to updates and modifications. For the latest information and to choose the package that best suits your requirements, feel free to contact us or visit our official website.

Why DMIT counselling is compulsory

DMIT Test completion cannot be done without counselling.

If you just give DMIT report without doing counselling then it create a very bad impact, customer are not aware theory behind each section of DMIT report , as a result customer interpret the report in the wrong way.

Which further does not satisfy the customer.