It is a way of healing a person by listening his problemS , breaking his mental barriers ‘ removing grudges and to make a person free from annoying thoughts

Normally there are different types of Counselling Which are applicable of different application area like career Counselling, child Counselling relationship Counselling, anger Management, stress management

Some people think that Counselling required by only those Who have some mental disorder, but this Concept is entirely wrong

In today’s world Counselling is required by everybody at Certain point of Time. Sometimes people take advice and Counselling from friends & Family Which can makes situation worse as those are not professionally Trained.

It is always recommended to take Counseling by Certified Profession.

We at Brain Shaper gives you proper Training of D MIT Counselling along with certification.

DMIT Counselling

If you are in DMIT Business, You need to hire or get yourself trained for proper counselling. Without proper DMIT counselling Training, one should not conduct DMIT test.

To become an expert in DMIT Counselling one needs to have Understanding of following topics in depth.

  1. Dermatoglyphics Science and its Evolution
  2. Neuroscience and functioning of Brain
  3. Psychology Concepts and their application
  4. Child Psychology
  5. Subject and Stream Selection
  6. Career Guidance

We at Brain Shaper give proper training of each module described above, along with a Certificate of Authorized DMIT counselor.

How to do DMIT Counselling?

Counselling is the most important part of DMIT test. It is conducted to know the reason why a person has got the test done . Firstly you need to give a comfortable zone to a person as it is very important for a good counselling that a person is comfortable and is able to share his emotions .Then you need to discuss the points with the child for 10 to 15 mins and next 30 to 40 mins with the parents. And have interaction with them and we should keep in mind that we conduct the counselling in a peaceful