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What Is Mid Brain

Midbrain Activation

Mid Brain is the part of the Brain which list at the center of brain, connecting Left and Right side of brain. Mid brain is responsible for making communication between right side and left side of brain.

If Mid brain is activated and used properly we can use both side of brain together and achieve great success in our career.

Normal human being utilize Right side of brain most of the time. But we do not use both the brain together. Due to which we are not habitual of using both side of brain.

Midbrain is also know as mesencephalon, is the small region because the brain it serves like a relay center for visuals, touching, tasting, auditory, and motor systems knowledge. As the face or front part of the brain system. The Midbrain is involved with the motors and sensory of function. This serves like the bridge of the Left and Right brain. The activation of midbrain helps the with full potentials to the Left and Right brain

many of children facing the given problems:

1) Do not like to do study
2) Do not like to read books.
3) They only like playing.
4) Deny to go to school.
5) Lack of concentration.
6) They are just too slow in learning.

How Mid Brain is Activated

Whenever we have to activate any part of the body we can only do it through exercises only.

Same we have to do for MidBrain activation.

We have specially hand, eye and other body movement exercises which uses both the brain , due to which mid brain get activated .

Everything is done by exercises, Speech, Dance , Music and Games. Children’s love doing that and enjoys a lot.

Benefits of Mid brain Activation

Videos of Mid brain Activation

Mid Brain Structure