Dermatoglyphics is the science which studies and does research of fingerprints, lines formed in hands, curves of fingers, hand shape etc.

Each shape, patterns formation has a reason which depends on many factors around a person.This science constantly works in understanding and categorization of pattern and shape. It also tries to map specific patterns to human behavior, specific habits , brain formation and specific skills.

After centuries of research and categorization of shapes, patterns and curves of fingerprint. A software algorithm is made in which if one enters any pattern and codes related to these shapes, a unique attribute character can be estimated and explained to a person.

It is not easy to enter a shape directly into the software to solve this problem; each curve and pattern is given a name and codes. Image processing is not sufficient to categories these. So this is done by a trained person manually who has gone through detailed training and is able to identify correct patterns.

After entering these codes into software , it does some calculations and generates a unique character of a person as per designed also of this software. This software algorithm is kept refining by those core companies which are conducting a lot of research and taking feedback from DMIT counselings .

So it is very important to view the overall experience of staff members’ knowledge and back-end team skills who watch every single step and modify algorithm based on counselors and psychologists before finalizing a DMIT or other human assessment software company.