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Software & Franchise

Provide software along with training, videos, hand books and soft materials of following 

  • DMIT Testing Software
  • DMIT Franchise,
  • Life Purpose Test Software,
  • Arch Based DMIT Test Software,
  • Carrier Selection Test Software, 
  • Business Selection Software,
  • Job stream Selection Psychometric Test  Report,

Online Assessment Tests of Human Behaviors

Help in Identifying behaviors which helps in taking right decisions in life 

1. Psychometric Test: Customized Designed by Senior Psychologist.

2. DMIT Test: Finding your inborn talent

3. Carrier Assessment Test: Find right carrier as per your skill set and interests 

Counselling Service
We have team of Counselor , We can provide you our counselor's services 

    • Depression and other Psychological Problems :  Nowadays depression, emotional problems are common in people due to many reasons. This can be a major barrier to self confidence and progressive thinking.  

    • Career Counselling : helps in understanding the self talent and gives a proper direction to a help which helps in knowing the best profession for one self.

    • Child Counselling: You will come to know about the personality of your child, thinking pattern, learning pattern, acquiring skills and inborn talent of the child. This reduces gap between child and parents.

    • Life Purpose & Goal:  Every body come in this world with a life purpose and meaning. Sometimes due to influence of others real purpose of life got faded away. This helps in finding real purpose of life.

    • Business selection: Every person has  inborn skills i.e some are good at doing job and some are good at running a business  . So the best one for you will be told to you in your counselling part.

    • Individual Assessment: Every individual is different. Sometimes weakness of a person at a one place becomes strength at other places. If a person able to identify his strength and key areas where it can be applied then it can create miracles.

    • Relationship Compatibility: Some times conflicts in relationship happens as we are not able to understand true thought process of a person which cause false perception building between two human beings. Using this test can break mental barrier between each other and make a healthy relations.

    • DMIT Counselling:  This is a counselling which includes all the other counselling which not only covers personality , learning style but also helps in stream selection, to know extra hobbies which helps in enhancing your knowledge and to select best career for yourself.

Workshops & Training
Conduct following workshops in Schools/Centers

    • Corporate Training

      • Soft Skills Training
      • Productivity Training
      • Leadership Skills
      • Mind Power Workshop
      • Mediation & Energy Healing

    • Children Workshop

      • Memory Workshop

      • Abacus Training

      • Midbrain Activation Workshop

      • Vedic Maths

      • Rubik's Cube

      • Cognitive Thinking

Please also contact us for 

1. If got a bulk project of DMIT and need professional counselors.

2. Looking for a customized solution of Human Behavior.