This DMIT software does not need internet in order to scan finger print or generate report. This is the most popular DMIT software which does not require server or any maintenance charges.

Also all the data remain into the laptop of ther person who is either scanning or generating report.
It is divided into two modules

  1. Finger Print Scanning software: This software is used by the person whose role is to scan fingerprints only. This person does not require knowledge or training of report generation software.
  2. Report generation software: This software is used by the person who is going to be responsible for DMIT report generation. In order to use this software a person require a training to operate software, Also he should also know details about the fingerprints. These all training will be provided by our Technical Team members when you buy software from Brain Shaper.

Accuracy of software will remain same as cloud based software. Offline software is a low cost solution in case you want to start your DMIT business with low budget. This software is ideal for company who have 1-3 people to start with.