DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.

DMIT is made by combining 3 sciences

  1. Dermatoglyphics – It is the scientific study of fingerprints, patterns and ridge counts. It is a separate science which do research on types of fingerprints, understand different types of patterns, do classifications of patterns.
    As per this science fingerprints does not change and remains as it is for lifetime. Fingerprints of each finger is different and both left and right hand have different patterns. Scientists further investigated reason of formation of fingerprints and discovered that they started forming in fetus when it is 3 months old.
    Forensic science also makes use of fingerprints to solve complex cases.
    At various parts of the world, fingerprint patterns are used to uniquely identity a person and even opening a lock.
  2. Neuroscience – It is the scientific study of human brain and neural network. This is a medical science which goes inside the brain, it does classification of brain components.
    It has categories brain as neocortex( Thinking Brain), Midbrain(Action Brain), amygdala(Fight & Flight Response).
    Brain further classified in different lobes like Temporal, Frontal , Occipital and Parietal lobes. Each lobe of the brain have different functions like Temporal is related to Listening, Frontal lobe is responsible for logical thinking, Parietal lobe is responsible for body balance and Occipital is responsible for visual processing capabilities.
  3. Psychology – It is the science that deals with human behaviour. Unlink neuroscience it doesn’t deal about going inside mind medically or surgically instead it sees the output of the person behaviour. It also classify people in different group does some practical tests, ask questions, do social experiments to understand how mind works of different individuals in different situations.

DMIT is the mixture of all three sciences explained above.

It take input as Dermatoglyphics fingerprint patterns which further maps to Neuroscience and revals outcome with respect to theories gives in Psychology.