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DMIT Software stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Software. This software is used to identify inborn talent of an Individual.

Brain Shaper is one of the oldest in the field of development of DMIT SOFTWARE. We have given our DMIT software in various states of India as well as outside India.

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We have own Center with AC classrooms , state of the Art office and special Training Rooms.

Center is Buildup with area of 3500 Sq Ft space.

We have authorized DMIT Test centers at Various location in India.

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Features of DMIT Software (Unlimited Versions)

-DMIT Software comes with Lifetime validity

-No Expiry and no Royalty fees.

-Make your own DMIT Brand with the help of your own DMIT Logo

-Create Unlimited DMIT Franchise and Unlimited DMIT channel Partners with and can distribute DMIT software within them.

-Generate Unlimited DMIT Reports for lifetime.

Using our DMIT software you can generate unlimited DMIT Report. We also provide DMIT Franchise with very low cost through which you can generate unlimited number of Reports.

DMIT Franchise

  • Become a part of evolving DMIT Industry with Fastest Growing DMIT Brand -
  • Latest DMIT Software with Automated Features and upto 100% accurate result
  • Get our Franchise or make your own DMIT brand with technology adopted from World’s Largest Dermatoglyphics Research Institutes.
  • 100% Authentic, certified and approved advanced DMIT Software.
  • Make yourself Certified through our online course and Test for Certified Dermatoglyphics Analyst & Counselor.

Agency who wants to take our DMIT Franchise could do the work with our 100% dedicated support and training. Our team will aid Franchises to create reports on their behalf. We also do counsel on the behalf of our DMIT Franchises.

It is very ahead DMIT software in the market of today. We have already sold many DMIT software to our 100 clients. Brainshaper provide 100% support to our clients and give training to those who face the problem to understand the concept of DMIT.

Brainshaper also offers various different types of version of DMIT software and customizes it like per client requirement. We have done the work very closely with Schools, colleges and different institutions and aid at various individuals points to understand themself better which further helps to take good decision of them.

We have conducted various workshops on DMIT TRAINING which help people to understand concept of DMIT software and it working. We believe in giving opportunity to individuals who are looking for new business venture in Education Field at low cost.

You do not require a special degree to run this business, we provide you 100% Genuine DMIT Software, Finger Print scanner and complete DMIT training so that you can run your business with your own brand and can give franchise by your own brand.

DMIT Training

In DMIT Training we provide training in below modules

- Software setup and installation.

- Identification of finger prints types and core subject knowledge behind them.

- Scanning of Finger Prints.

- Exact & Correct DMIT Report Generation method

- Understanding of DMIT report in a Holistic way

- Subject knowledge of Personality type (Eagle,Peacock,Owl,Dove)

- Identification of Learning pattern of Individuals

- Way to do counselling and impress your customers

- DMIT Report Generation will take around 10-20 mins

DMIT Software Price

We provide different software have different DMIT software price of different versions.

DMIT Software price depends on package you buy from us. We also provide free DMIT software upgrade to our DMIT Franchise who has already purchase DMIT software.

DMIT software price looks very low once you compare it with number of Reports and the price of each DMIT Report. If one can do this Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test Software business properly then he can recover its cost within same month and can make lot of profit after that.

To Know DMIT Software Price please contact us or fill below form with your contact number.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Software

DMIT is an abbreviation of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Dematoglyphics is the study of finger patterns , Palms and toes . This finger print and patters develops when foetus brain development start in mother womb at 13 to 19th week.

During brain development, it starts forming patterns of skins. Not only it form patterns it also controls each and every areas. All parts of body and skin is directly connect to brain and signals brain each and every times also it gets reacted as per brain command.

Researchers found out if we can understand these patterns, then we can also understand brain as well. So researchers indentified few patterns of skins and tested with different number of peoples and developed a algorithm which help in identifying personality type , learning pattern and many more things using this finger patterns mapping.

So to answer question “What is DMIT Software”, it is the study of fingerprints and generating a report which explain personality and multiple intelligence level that a person possesses. This method of analysis is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).

Benefit of DMIT:

- It helps to understand strength and Weakness

- Using Report we can find preferred learning styles and can learn things fast.

- Can try to new fields and may excel in new which we haven’t thought of

- Avoid and minimize those tasks which does not suit our personality style and can save our time and energy

- Make carrier choice and choose subjects in Academics

- Able to identify hidden talents.

- As personality type is know they can control emotions and anger and use it wisely.

We have many trainers and subject knowledge experts in this field; we give presentation and seminar in various institutes. We have also tied up with few corporate who take our professional services to identify their employees and can assign them roles and responsibilities accordingly.

Using DMIT software we can understand ourselves better and can improve our corporate relation, family relations.

Future Scope of DMIT Software :

We have tried up with few researchers and also do few researches by self to make this DMIT software better and able to add up more and more things. Human mind is one the most complex part of human body, the more we tries to understand more deep we go inside and found new areas inside it.

This is a ongoing study and have to keep researching, if you one who is doing research in this field then please contact us and send us your research papers. We will study and cross check data with our findings, if your research paper found useful we will provide one copy of our Licensed DMIT software free of cost to you.

Please contact us directly from here for buying DMIT Software, Getting our DMIT Franchise