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We  Provide DMIT software from which you can make Unlimited Franchise.

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  • You can create your OWN brand and manage your unlimited franchise
  • We have Advance DMIT software
  • Software takes 30  finger print 
  • Detailed report upto 75 pages
  • Report can be generated in Multiple Languages
  • Can do customization in Report as per your requirement

Dermatoglyphics (from ancient Greek derma=skin, glyph=carving) is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands. Dermatoglyphics refers to the formation of naturally occurring ridges on certain body parts, namely palms, fingers, soles and toes. These are areas where hair usually does not grow and these ridges allow for increased leverage when picking up objects or walking barefoot. The finger prints of both hands are not the same. They do not change size or shape throughout a person's life, except in cases of serious injuries that scar the dermis.

Centuries of study and research works has enabled development of Dermatoglyphics science. This science in coordination to the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner has developed an accurate means to provide latent information of any individual with the help of fingerprint study and analysis. This method of analysis is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).