Types of DMIT Reports

We have different number of pages and different types of reports:

  • DMIT Basic Version: no. of pages : 14
  • DMIT premium software: no. of pages: 26
  • DMIT Premium Plus: no. of Pages 35
  • Advance software: no. of pages:46

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DMIT Counselling Services

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What inside DMIT Report

Although it depends on the type of DMIT reports, output of different DMIT Reports have made by thinking of different types of target audiences.

Following are the common topics which are covered in DMIT Reports

  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • VAK Theory
  • DISC Profile
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Hobbies & Extra Curricular Activities
  • Left & Right Brain Dominance
  • Holland Theory
  • Subject Selection
  • Career options
  • Brain Lobes & Many more

Types of DMIT Report

There are several types of DMIT Reports each focusing a different target Segment and audience. The component of DMIT Report is designed by Understanding requirement of the target audience.

Following are the few types of Reports,

  1. Basic DMIT Report – 9 Page
  2. Silver DMIT Report – 17 Page
  3. Advance DMIT Report – 25 Page
  4. Platinum DMIT Report – 46 Page

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