1. Depression and other Psychological Problems- Nowadays depression, emotional problems are common in people due to many reasons. This can be a major barrier to self confidence.
  2. Career Counselling- This helps in understanding the self talent and gives a proper direction to a help which helps in knowing the best profession for one self.
  3. Child Counselling- You will come to know about the personality of your child and also the learning pattern of the child.
  4. Life Purpose & Goal- By this you will come to know the best talent of yours and a goal set for you which you can achieve with your efforts.
  5. Business selection- Every person has inborn skills i.e some are good at doing job and some are good at running a business . So the best one for you will be told to you in your counselling part.
  6. Individual Assessment
  7. Relationship Compatibility
  8. DMIT Counselling- This is a counselling which includes all the other counselling which not only covers personality , learning style but also helps in stream selection, to know extra hobbies which helps in enhancing your knowledge and to select best career for yourself.