If you want to understand the benefits of DMIT you  need to know what are the outcome of DMIT test. 

DMIT Test , gives you a report which tells you about yourself. Now you need to know about yourself ? 

Ask yourself the questions below ?

What is your age ?  What are your current priorities ?

How is your relationship with the boss, customers , friends and family members ?

Do you want to  know what is your learning style and how can you learn fast ?

Boradly DMIT Report gives following details

  1. Understand an Individual nature and character traits
  2. What learning style is best for an Individual 
  3. What is strength & Weakness of a person 
  4. Thinking type and pattern
  5. Compatibility of different personality 
  6. Types of Personalities and for which personality group an individual exists

Overall it helps in 

  • Career selection 
  • Subject Selection
  • Stream Selection
  • Identify learning style 
  • Gives suggestion to try unexplored hobbies
  • Understanding strength & weakness 
  • Starting a new business based on personality traits 
  • Improve compatibility with different individuals